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audio mixing

Turn your raw recorded tracks into a professional sounding mix.

Excellent Acoustics and Equipment.

Sound Equipment

Audio Mixing

Audio mixing means combining multiple channels (bass, drums, vocals, guitars, keyboards etc.) into a stereo file. Professional mixing that meets the quality standards of major record labels requires deep knowledge of techniques, vast experience, great musical taste, as well as expensive equipment and acoustically treated rooms. From our mixing studios, the JD Pro Sound team delivers world-class mixes to artists and labels worldwide since 2005. We have the knowledge, the gear and the passion necessary to make your music sound great.

  • Working with Logic & Cubase DAW softwares

  • For Mixing & Mastering we have the latest mastering software, including Ozone 8 and T Racks plug ins, in addition to various Waves plug ins.

  • Two revisions of the mix are always included in the package

  • Full range of Mixing services for CD and download

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