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LIVE sound services

We offer various PA and Lighting packages maintained by
highly experienced engineers and technicians. 


Live Sound Services

​If you’re organising an event and need a PA system for hire, whether it’s for you personally or a company event you are organising, then we have you covered.  

Crystal clear audio clarity and perfect sound balance are one of the defining features of a live event.

Whether you need; Sound Engineers, FOH speaker hire, mixing desks, microphones, wireless systems, in-ear monitoring or noise level monitoring, we'll provide your event with the audio experience your audience wants to hear.

  • Sound Engineers (FoH/Monitors)

  • System Engineers

  • Front of House Speaker Hire

  • Event Speaker Hire

  • Mixing Desks

  • Microphones

  • Wireless systems

  • In Ear Monitoring

  • Sound Design

  • Noise Level Monitoring

  • Backline Hire

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