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48 channel Digital Mixer

1x Desk Available

The Allen and Heath SQ-5 is a professional 48 channel live mixer. It also comes with an in-built 32x32 96kHz audio interface for full multi-track recording.

The mixer has 16 onboard preamps and 8 stereo FX engines with dedicated return channels and access to the acclaimed RackExtra FX library.

The SQ-5 also offers a generous 12 stereo mixes (configurable as groups or auxes) so that you can set-up multiple mixes for comprehensive in-ear monitoring setups.

The SQ-5 can also connect to Allen & Heath's SQ Mixpad app via a wireless router. Available free on both iOS and Android, this companion app gives you wireless control of your mixes from anywhere in the venue, including simple setup of monitor mixes on stage.

The SQ-5 is fully compatible with our ME Personal Mixing System. ME-1 expands available monitor mixes and gives each performer tailored control over their own mix,

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