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40ch Digital Personal Mixer

8x Sets Available

Personal mixer giving control over up to 40 channels

16 Backlit Keys - Each key is assignable to a single mono or stereo source (e.g. bass guitar)

​16 User Presets - Levels, pan, mutes and key assignments can all be stored and recalled at the touch of a button. Presets can also be stored to USB and recalled on any ME-1 unit.

​Groups - Sources can be grouped within the ME-1, so each performer can use different groups without consuming buses on the main console. (e.g. drums, keys)

​Custom Naming - ME-1 can display custom names for all channels and groups. ME-1s connected to a SQ or a dLive mixer automatically pick up names from the console.

​Built-in Ambient Mic - The ambient mic keeps performers in touch with the stage sound and lets them hear the audience and communicate with each other.

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